A total of 50 employees are involved in processing, handling supply chain and marketing; 60 per cent are women. Additionally, we engage indirect labour during the seed and ware potatoes production. Our staff are mostly trained in-house, and also on the job. At inception, a Dutch process engineer, who incidentally was the supplier of our equipment, trained our staff on the handling of the equipment. For one year, we also hired an Indian technician for maintenance training.Would you say you are a farmer or “telephone farmer” in your role of employing potato farmers?I am a farmer. I own a farm and produce from the farm. However, we support other farmers with inputs, especially potato seeds in an out-growers scheme, do contract farming with co-operative groups as well as off-taking products from these out-growers and co-operative groups.

What are the advantages of having the complete value chain in your hands?
One advantage of being involved in the complete value chain is that you will be in control of your business and determine your service level delivery to customers.