Some of the potato fields are located between one kilometre and as far as forty kilometres away.

Looking at the lower end of the value chain, where do you get the potatoes from?

While running a farm of our own, we nowadays also receive a significant proportion of our potatoes from contract farmers. These contract farmers are organised in co-operatives, including women co-operatives located in the nine local government areas on the Plateau. Our agronomist works as Contract Farming Coordinator with farmers and the co-operatives to implement Good Agricultural Practices – from land selection and preparation, seeds and other input applications to harvest, which ensures quality.

What does the contract farming look like in terms of quality, quantities and prices?

The price of potatoes varies with the season. Generally, farmers receive between 200 Naira (0.55 US dollars) per kg when there is a surplus of products in the market and 350 Naira per kg when there is scarcity of products on the market.