The region has an altitude of about 1,300 metres above sea level and to a large extent climatic conditions suitable for vegetable production especially potatoes. We produce potatoes or aggregate from other farmers, process them into diced frozen potatoes, peeled whole potatoes, diced fresh potatoes and fresh French fries. Our main focus has been value-added, ready-to-use products for food services operators such as hotels, restaurants, caterers, fast food (quick service restaurants) and large supermarkets. We operate our own logistics with a total of eight refrigerated vehicles comprising three refrigerated trucks for long haul deliveries in Abuja, Kaduna, Ibadan and Lagos, while five refrigerated vans do city redistribution in Abuja and Lagos.

Do you only supply cities, or do you also deliver potatoes to rural areas?
Most of our processed products are sold in semi-urban and urban areas because electricity is required even for short-term storage, and thus it is not easy for food service firms to set up operations in rural areas.

Where does the processing take place?

Our processing factory is located in a semi-urban area because our staff and their families need access to schools, medical services and other social facilities.