Maize crop in the early vegetative stage under attack by the Fall Armyworm, Harare, Zimbabwe, March 2018.
Photo: © FAO/Edward Ogolla


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Fall Armyworm is still spreading, having infected millions of hectares of maize by now and threatening the food security of more than 300 million people. A new mobile App, called Nuru, aims to support farmers in the fight again the destructive pest.

Fall Armyworm keeps spreading and is becoming more destructive, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warned in late June 2018. According to them, Fall Armyworm is entering more and more larger areas within countries in sub-Saharan Africa and becomes more destructive as it feeds on more crops and different parts of crops, increasingly growing an appetite for sorghum and millet, in addition to maize.

The pest first appeared in Africa in 2016, in West Africa. By today, it has quickly spread across sub-Saharan Africa, having already infested maize and sorghum fields across 44 countries in an area of more than 22 million square kilometres.

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