Collect Earth Online.
Photo: ©FAO
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NASA and FAO have presented a new geospatial tool that makes it easier to track land-use and landscape changes. The new tool is free of charge and open to all.

A new open-access tool to track land-use and landscape changes was developed by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), with support from the Google Earth Engine Team and the US Government's SilvaCarbon Program, FAO reported in December 2018.

Collect Earth Online (CEO) amplifies the power of FAO's Open Foris Collect Earth tool, which for the past few years has enabled the collection of data on land use, deforestation and for other purposes with the help of satellite imagery. CEO will become a central technology supporting FAO's global Remote Sensing Survey. The new platform is web-based, free of charge, open to all, requires no downloads or installation, and allows users to systematically inspect any location on the Earth with satellite data.

The next generation tool makes it easier to conduct surveys, collect samples and use crowdsourcing techniques. CEO can be accessed by simply clicking on a link and registering on the platform.

Collect Earth Online is now available through FAO's Open Foris.

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