Farm Radio International (FRI) has been integrating mobile technologies with radio to provide interactive, 2-way, and participatory radio programmes for rural communities. Through the African Farm Radio Research Initiative (AFRRI), farmers have been encouraged to make informed decisions about improved practices. Participatory Radio Campaigns (PRCs) have been piloted and evaluated in five countries – Ghana, Malawi, Mali, Tanzania and Uganda. It was found that “in communities where broadcasters had interacted with the farmers through visits and phone calls and mentions on-air, on average, 80 per cent of local farmers listened to at least half of the PRC programming and about 40 per cent of farmers who listened adopted the improved agricultural practice”, although passive listening also led to adoption by 20 per cent of farmers. However, farmers still needed reliable regular programmes giving them the opportunity to be heard (Ward, 2013). Lessons: Integrating traditional media and new ICTs can expand the reach of extension, but a high adoption rate requires farmers to be engaged in determining relevance and developing content and allowed to interact with information/service providers.

Videos: Democratising the  use of ICTs

Access Agriculture offers an Internet-based platform for agricultural research and development (R&D) staff, service providers, extension agents, communication professionals and representatives of farmer organisations to support the production, translation and sharing of agricultural training videos in various languages.