Keeping Track of Adaptation Actions in Africa (KTAA)

UNEP report urges African governments to integrate climate change adaptation strategies in national development policies.

Keeping Track of Adaptation Actions in Africa (KTAA) - Targeted Fiscal Stimulus Actions Making a Difference a recently released report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP); argues that investment in climate change adaptation can help ensure that the impacts of climate change - including a projected 20-50 per cent decline in water availability - do not reverse decades of development progress in Africa.

The report perceives that by 2050 Africa's population will have doubled, making the continent home to 2 billion people a majority of which will still largely depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Highlighted therefore are examples of successful adaptation projects that have provided the impetus for large-scale government investments and policy action.

Described as the first graphical report that presents practical examples of successful low-cost adaptation solutions from around sub-Saharan Africa; the  report responds to the 2013 Africa Adaptation Gap Report which was endorsed by the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN), and which identified the potentially crippling costs of climate change for Africa.