Urbanisation leads to a loss of agriculturally valuable land.
Photo: ©FAO/Riccardo De Luca


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Land-use changes across the globe are putting growing pressure on land as a source of livelihood. Researchers are concerned about the loss of agricultural land; they emphasise the importance of biodiversity and call for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Biodiversity is decreasing almost everywhere, researchers from Mercator Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC) in Berlin, Germany, warn in January 2019. The researchers studied land-use changes across the globe with regard to biodiversity, agricultural use, carbon storage and urbanisation for the years 2000 to 2010.

According to them, the global pressure on land as a natural source of livelihood has grown significantly in recent years. While land serving as a foundation for ecosystems and biodiversity is disappearing the fastest, land for agricultural use is likewise dwindling at an alarming speed in many parts of the world.

The fastest species loss is observed in the Amazon and in Indonesia.

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