The participants of the experts talks at GIZ head-office in Eschborn/Germany.
Photo: GIZ


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Since the 2011 Bonn Nexus Conference, the Nexus Water, Energy and Food Security has resulted in new inter-sectoral collaboration in German development co-operation. In expert talks towards the end of November, preparations were also made for collaboration with science.

Progressive climate change requires a reassessment of development co-operation and environmental policy approaches. Water, energy and food for a constantly growing population, fundamentally important resources for humankind, are particularly affected by climate change. The use of these three resources is closely interconnected, and it has to be understood comprehensively and independently of sectoral approaches. It is against this background that the German Federal Government organised the “Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus” conference in late 2011, the aim being to discuss the Nexus notion at global level. Since then, events have been run on the Nexus and climate change topic in various world regions.

With this brief review, Franz-Birger Marré of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) summarised the young history of the Nexus approach during an expert discussion of “Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit” (GIZ) in Eschborn towards the end of November, and he pointed to changes in approaches at his institution and in the implementing agencies GIZ and “KfW Entwicklungsbank” towards increasing co-operation between the sectors of water, energy and agriculture.

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