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Because the straw-coloured fruit bats migrate throughout Africa, many communities could profit from their services.

Hunting threatens bat populations

However, the population of straw-coloured fruits bats is in continuous decline. The bats are hunted in large numbers and sold in markets as food. Also, logging the large trees in which the animals live is threatening their populations. “That is an incredible loss,” says Dechmann, “because the straw-coloured fruit bats contribute to the conservation of African forests. So there is an urgent need to explain their importance to the human population.”



Mariëlle L. van Toor, M. Teague O'Mara, Michael Abedi-Lartey, Martin Wikelski, Jakob Fahr, Dina K.N. Dechmann (2019). Linking colony size with quantitative estimates of ecosystem services of African fruit bats. Current Biology; 1 April, 2019

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