The aim of the programme is to improve the working and living conditions of farmers in Zambia.
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From farmer to microbusiness trainer

German Sparkassenstiftung joins forces with UN World Food Programme (WFP) in a training measure for farmers to become instructors in rural Zambia.

This year, more than 20 Zambian farmers have successfully completed their training as instructors of German Sparkassenstiftung’s micro business game. A German trainer with long-standing savings banks experience executed this train-the-trainer measure together with a Zambian instructor, who had already undergone similar training in 2014.

The training measure was part of the “Purchase for Progress” (P4P) programme of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to improve the working and living conditions of farmers in Zambia. In Mansa, the province capital of Luapula, the participants, who came from the different regions throughout the country, slipped into the role of micro-entrepreneurs within the scope of the microbusiness simulation “Get to know your numbers”. Gradually they were acquainted with the typical processes of a successfully operating microbusiness. In different rounds of this haptic simulation game, they had to master various tasks, such as buying in and processing raw materials, selling products, taking on a loan or paying wages. Thus the participants learnt how business decisions and ways of thinking and behaving can influence the success or failure of an enterprise, Sparkassenstiftung explains.

Having successfully completed the multiplier training by end of April 2015, the newly minted trainers will now impart their freshly gained knowledge of economic interrelationships and entrepreneurial skills in eight different training measures in their respective home regions, the institution notes.
Sparkassenstiftung and WFP plan to execute a total of three multiplier trainings in Zambia to enhance the basic business skills and economic knowledge of farmers. By helping them to understand the underlying processes of their business and economic interrelationships, the farmers are enabled to draw up simple business plans with reliable economic figures and are thus empowered to act in a more self-reliant and target-oriented way.

In addition to Mansa, trainings will be held in Choma, a town in the Southern Province of Zambia, and Chipata, the capital of Zambia’s Eastern Province, close to the border of Malawi. The joint initiative of Sparkassenstiftung and the World Food Programme pursues the goal of training at least 60 Zambian farmers until the end of 2015 and qualifying them as microbusiness trainers.

The business management simulations of Sparkassenstiftung

‘Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation’ has now been developing and using business management simulations to train specialists and managers in developing countries and emerging economies for many years. Interaction, practice orientation and the strong motivation to emerge as winner at the end of the day are all factors leading to a good learning result. Sparkassenstiftung is currently offering six business games for different target groups.

The Micro Business Game is one of Sparkassenstiftung’s most successful simulations. Local game instructors who were expressly trained by Sparkassenstiftung have meanwhile reached about 10,000 participants in over 15 countries with this particular haptic management game. Many people in Sparkassenstiftung’s project countries do not have the opportunity to take part in the trainings on site. By starting to broadcast the microbusiness game “Get to know your numbers” on Zambian TV in March, the learning content of this game has been made accessible to a broader public.
Further information about the management games of Sparkassenstiftung as well as the film premiere of Sparkassenstiftung’s micro business game “Get to know to your numbers” can be accessed at

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The ten episodes of the telenovela “Get to know your numbers” can be accessed on Sparkassenstiftung’s YouTube channel via the following

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