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In most of Uganda and in some north-eastern areas of the United Republic of Tanzania, cumulative rainfall between early March and mid-April was up to 85 per cent below average. 

Rainfall forecasts for May point to persisting dry conditions in most of Somalia and in northern and eastern Kenya, while average to above-average rains are expected in eastern Ethiopia, southern and north-western Somalia, southern Kenya and parts of Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania.

But these late-season rains are likely to be insufficient for crop recovery in crop-producing areas of Uganda, southern Somalia, eastern Ethiopia, south-eastern Kenya and north-eastern United Republic of Tanzania, where harvests are gathered in June/July, and below-average harvests are expected.


More information and download the GIEWS Special Alert No. 345 - East Africa, 23 April 2019 www.fao.org/documents/card/en/c/CA4301EN

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