A ‘missed call based registration’ feature ensures near-zero registration errors, which is critical to ensure that the right information is disseminated to the right group. ITC provides these solutions as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative to give best practice inputs to farmers. Hence, ITC offers mobile advisory services to farmers for free.

An ICT Solution for Sustainable Tobacco Cultivation in Mysore s strategy, challenges and effectiveness in tobacco farming, it has been proved that around two million kilos of crop has been saved by their timely dissemination of precautionary measures. ITC started this initiative with a group of farmers in 2012. They have since reached out to 10,000 farmers.
Reuters Market Light (RML) is a pioneer in giving out information to farmers with mobile phones. They have reached over nearly 1.3 million registered unique subscribers in more than 50,000 villages in India. Early studies suggest that farmers using RML benefit from an average five to ten per cent increase in incomes because they have access to accurate information.