It gives farmers the freedom to speak in their native languages and dialects. This mechanism can convert their voices into texts. The biometrics system also captures the unique characteristics of an individual’s voice (like a fingerprint). The businesses can use biometrics to verify the authenticity of the speaker in a secured way. The working mechanism is simple. AgriConnect can make an automated voice call and give the customised information to the farmer. On the other end, the farmer can call to get information from the system or record a query in his or her native language.

Getting to know farmers’ Needs

The founders of Uniphore, Ravi Saroagi and Umesh Sachdev, worked with the Indian Institute of Technology’s (IIT) Rural Technology and Business Incubator (RTBI), which has incubated many projects in rural India. As they realised that there was a huge information vacuum in the rural market, they started setting up Uniphore.