However, there are deterrents. One of them is that India is a country of diverse languages and dialects, and one language or a single business model for all farmers will not work. Second, mass messaging on services will not be help the farmers as they look for specific information on their crops or geographical conditions. Hence there is a strong need for customised solutions. Third, not all farmers can use messaging service because of literacy barriers. Fourth, these services should have the ability to function with a basic phone that the farmers use on a daily basis.

The solution: AgriConnect

Uniphore, an Indian software company, has introduced a product, AgriConnect, which could eliminate the barriers mentioned above. By enabling a customised voice solution (in native languages) that could work in any low-cost mobile, the produce gives a more inclusive information service for the rural population. AgriConnect uses a native speech recognition system and voice biometrics for the above-mentioned purposes.