When the implementation of the e-learning courses started, the required IT infrastructure for the course preparation was already in place and established. The Extranet mainly consists of the following IT components: a) an enterprise wiki (Confluence by Atlassian), and b) a task management system (JIRA by Atlassian).

AfricaRice has been using Atlassian software successfully for a number of years now, enabled by their community programme which grants unlimited licenses to not-for-profit NGOs and open source software projects, with a saving of tens of thousands of dollars of licensing costs each year. The Extranet is hosted on multiple virtual hosts in a data centre in Germany to provide a secure and robust environment.

The e-learning platform chosen for this project is the free and open source software Moodle by Moodle HQ PTY Ltd. The software is written in PHP, the most widespread cross-platform framework to develop dynamic web applications.