Farmers in Thailand ploughing their field with water buffalo.
Photo: © Klaus Erdle/DLG

DLG-Agrifuture Insights – economic conditions for farmers and trends in farm development

The German Agricultural Society (DLG) is currently conducting a comparative study on agricultural trends in management and technology in 13 countries world-wide.

Sourcing information from a panel of 2,000 innovative farmers in 13 countries, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) started conducting a comparative study in the Global North (Germany, Russia, Poland, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, USA, Iran) and the Global South (Zambia, Thailand, South Africa, China, Brazil).
The study aims at identifying current and future trends in technology and management, as well as how agriculture is developing on a global scale.
Moreover, DLG-Agrifuture Insights will provide a deeper understanding of major farming regions. The analyses comprise the trends in agricultural machinery use, livestock management and cropping practices, in business sentiment and investment decisions. The findings reveal how farm managers are developing their business and what their requirements will be with respect to innovative machines, technology and services.

Different countries, different challenges

Constant change is what characterises agricultural industry across the world. For example, Brazil is strengthening its position on world markets by increasing its export levels of soybean, pork and poultry meat. At the same time, China continues to be the biggest importer of agricultural produce despite having increased its investment in this sector by an annual rate of nine per cent over the last few years. Meanwhile, European farmers are busy dealing with more and more regulations on crop and livestock farming. And market-oriented farmers in Zambia plan to expand their farms.
In such a varied environment, farmers respond by developing their own individual strategies, making investments to increase productivity, improve animal welfare and save on inputs. These decisions have an impact on how agriculture is developing on a global scale.

DLG-Agrifuture Insights supports international experts in gaining an adequate understanding of where agriculture is heading to on a global scale and shows improved strategies for meeting the future demands of international markets.

Focus themes

Three categories have been set to be compared across the countries:

Technology and management in animal husbandry and crop production

  • Systems and technology in animal housing, feeding, milking, herd management, tillage and cultivation, fertilising, crop protection, harvesting, storage and transport
  • Digitising, smart farming, farm management systems, data use and information technology
  • Agricultural financing, risk management, horizontal and vertical integration

Business climate, company development, investments

  • Current business situation and business expectations
  • Readiness to invest, areas of investment, reasons for investment
  • Top five investments
  • Market environment, procurement and sales markets

Policies, international relations and society

  • Political specifications, laws, and conditions
  • Agricultural constitution and farm structures
  • Liberalisation and globalisation

Dr Achim Schaffner, Head of Agricultural Economics, Competence Centre Agriculture, German Agricultural Society (DLG e.V.)

More information:
DLG-Agrifuture Insights project website

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