The Special´s Forum addressed at least 1,500 visitors who had chosen their topics according to their individual interests.

Presentations from the Philippines, Switzerland, Israel, Ghana and Brazil were delivered via an Internet conference call/Skype. This gave the audience the opportunity to watch the presentations on the screen and give feedback directly to the presenter abroad. This format helped diversify contributions while at the same time saving CO2-emission by reducing long-distance travels of presenters.

In general, the Special´s co-exhibitors and presenters offered information on products and services for all sizes of agricultural entities from large-scale commercial farms to smallholder farm households. Major topics discussed included what conservation agriculture looks like and how farmers can be trained in farming their land accordingly.

Especially European service providers for training courses in this regard underlined the necessity of listening to people´s needs first, before starting any training course.

Another important concern was how to manage the utilisation of scarce resources like water sustainably.