As it would take decades to develop and disseminate new crop varieties, major investment was needed now to climate-proof the world’s crops and cropping systems so that both their yields and nutritional quality could be resilient to future climate change stresses, the scientist warned.

“Our results highlight the need for accelerated development and seed-system dissemination of heat- and drought-tolerant common-bean varieties that can maintain yields while also improving nutritional quality (e.g. via biofortification breeding) under future climate-change scenarios.”

The research was conducted between Malawi and Ireland as a collaboration between NUI Galway, CCAFS and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT). NUI Galway is one of the 13 strategic research partners for CCAFS.

(NUI Galway/wi)


Hummel M, Hallahan B, Brychkova G, Ramirez-Villegas J, Guwela V, Chataika B, Curley E, McKeown P, Morrison L, Talsma E, Beebe S, Jarvis A, Chirwa R, Spillane C. 2018. Decline in nutritional quality of common bean under climate change induced drought stress in Africa.