2,350 per ton (30 euros), city compost costs about Rs. 2,300 per ton including transport. One option to bridge this gap was found by the Indian government – the State Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers subsidises the production of city compost, so it can be an affordable organic matter complementary to farm yard manure. GIZ not only supports facilitation with government agencies for subsidies but also links farmers’ groups and urban producers directly. The response is positive: “Urban compost provides a great alternative as a soil fertility enhancer. After experimentation with a few lead farmers, we see a growing demand for this compost. This year, we are procuring 160 tons of compost from the city Nashik,” maintains Somnath Gorakh Palve, Director of a farmers’ group.

Favourable policies and cooperation schemes

Since April 2018, GIZ has been carrying out the implementation of the city compost project and is now entering in the phase of standardisation for further upscaling.