Cereal production reaches an all-time record in 2014.
Photo: Rural 21

Cereal production highest in 2014

World cereal production shoots up, while food insecurity looms

According to  FAO's latest Crop Prospects and Food Situation Report, the world cereal production will reach an all-time record of more than 2.5 billion tonnes in 2014. However despite this shift, the report also warns that food insecurity is worsening in a number of countries due to civil conflicts, adverse weather and the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak.

The record global cereal harvest in 2014 was sustained by bumper crops in Europe and a record maize output in the United States of America. According to FAO, it will also outpace projected world cereal utilisation in 2014/15, allowing stocks to rise to their highest level since 2000 and pushing the worldwide stock-to-use ratio, a proxy measure for supply conditions, to rise to 25.2 percent, its highest level in 13 years.

Nonetheless, the report takes into account the various crisis across the world that have in their wake undermined the fight aganist  food insecurity. The report perceives that some 38 countries are at risk of food insecurity, including 29 in Africa, 3 more countries than reported in October.

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