The trend towards more aquaculture management also has a direct impact on nutrition, according to Franz. She explained in Berlin that part of the fish that had previously been directly available for human consumption was now brought to an increasingly large number of fish processing plants, the reason for this being that fish oil or fishmeal was being used as feed in more and more animal production systems.

“Furthermore, Africa is currently a net exporter of fisheries products. This is also a problem in terms of food security for these countries,” Franz added regarding the significance of fish as a source of protein. Moreover, there in particular, artisanal fishery was an important economic factor. The major share of people living on fishery were in Africa. And women accounted for 50 per cent of the labour force in fisheries. “In most developing countries, women are the strongest link in this fisheries chain for the entire sector,” declared Francisco Marí, Official for World Food Supply, Agricultural Trade and Marine Policy of Bread for the World, and an expert on maritime policy.