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In some instances, such as in making bread, this approach has also lowered production costs thanks to less use of imported wheat.

“The principal goal of promoting the use of OFSP puree by food manufacturers is to catalyse new value chains for the crop, and encourage more farmers to grow it and more families to eat the nutritious OFSP roots,” says Dr Tawanda Muzhingi, CIP’s regional food scientist and nutritional biochemist, based in Kenya.

“Our research also focuses on the sensory acceptability – appearance, aroma, texture, taste and general acceptability – and the nutritional content of an increasing range of sweet potato products in different markets and dietary contexts,” notes Hugo Campos, CIP’s Director for Research.



Claudie Dhuique-Mayer et al. (2018). Bioaccessibility of Biofortified Sweet Potato Carotenoids in Baby Food: Impact of Manufacturing Process; in: Frontiers in Nutrition

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