Peat draining and large-scale clearance of natural forest by an APP wood supplier.
Photo: Eyes on the Forest/WWF-Indonesia


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The implementation of the “forest conservation policy“ announced by the Asia Pulp and Paper group (APP) disappoints environmental organisations.

The “forest conservation policy” published by the Asia Pulp and Paper group (APP) in February 2013, was just another attempt to hide the vast deforestation and damages caused by the company during almost three decades of operation in Sumatra, criticised the environmental organisation Eyes on the Forest (EoF).
A new analysis from EoF found that the policy protects at most 5,000 hectares of natural forest in Riau Province, in stark contrast with more than 1.4 million hectares of deforestation EoF estimates that APP’s pulp production in the province has caused. In its new policy, APP does not commit to restore natural forest and peat soil to compensate for the serious environmental damages it caused in the past. APP’s much advertised High Conservation Value and High Carbon Stock assessments are conducted in concessions which have already completed their planned forest clearance, according to EoF.
Findings of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Indonesia suggest that APP announced the policy because their suppliers had completed their planned natural forest clearance in Sumatra.

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