Early this year, a new project was launched by the IPK and the IBT. Together with the Vietnamese company NAVETCO, which is active in the field of bird flu vaccination, they are working on a fast and affordable production of vaccines against bird flu pathogens.

In addition to being a threat to animals and humans, bird flu epidemics can considerably influence the regional production of poultry meat and eggs. Attempts so far to check bird flu epidemics have resulted in several millions of poultry birds being culled. But especially in developing countries, where poultry production makes a crucial contribution to food, livestock keepers are resisting the application of this measure.

The introduction of an affordable and reliable vaccination as a prophylaxis or as an emergency vaccination is regarded as a sensible tool to reduce the infection rate of bird flu. But in order to be able to respond to new outbreaks, appropriate vaccines need to be developed and made available as soon as possible.

The conventional creation of vaccines in embryonated chicken eggs takes five to six months.