Based on the outcome of the technology impact assessment, the ministers would like to invite the FAO to develop a common methodology to assess and track the digital development situation in the agricultural sector at national level.

“We have agreed that the FAO should develop a method in order to measure the degree of digitisation,” Germany’s Minister of Food and Agriculture Julia Klöckner stated. “We can then make international comparisons on what stage countries and regions have reached in respect of digitalisation, how they have developed and what political, social and economic steps are necessary. We need a digital diagnosis for each and every country. Who is at what stage, are the private-sector activities adequate, or is this sector hindering the bridging of the digital divide, or must the State intervene in a different manner? The aim is to drive digitisation and to overcome the digital divide.”

Livestock and digitisation

Bridging the GFFA 2018, which was dedicated to livestock to the GFFA 2019, the ministers agreed on establishing digital methods at the OIE in the framework of the renovation of its World Animal Health Information System (OIE-WAHIS).