Opening up CGIAR data via AWS could help researchers to solve critical issues such as reducing rural poverty.

Agricultural data for the public

CGIAR opens agricultural data to the world using Amazon Web Services.

CGIAR, a consortium of international agricultural research centers, will make its wealth of data more accessible and available for addressing critical food security and development challenges using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, CGIAR reported in December 2014.

By making this data open for worldwide public access, it will help researchers to solve critical is-sues such as reducing rural poverty, improving human health and nutrition, and sustainably man-aging the Earth’s natural resources.

The first datasets to move into the cloud are Global Circulation Models (GCM), presently the most important tool for representing future climate conditions. This data is available to any researcher interested in understanding how the climate will change in the next 100 years. Moving to the cloud will enable CGIAR to develop applications which let non-experts access information about current and future climates by browsing and processing data on user-friendly maps. The vision is for farmers to eventually access information directly.

More Information: 
Public Data Set Catalog
GCM dataset


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