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Encourage the creation of regional production networks to generate economies of scale between African countries, attract new investors, develop complementarities within the value chains, and avoid a competitiveness race to the bottom. Regional norms help smallholders integrate into regional value chains, particularly in agriculture, which accounts for 50 per cent of all employment. 

3. Enhance firms’ abilities to thrive in new markets. Policies can provide extra support to exporters by removing non-tariff barriers to continental trade, simplifying administrative procedures and customs services, and improving connective infrastructure - especially flights, roads and ports.

Introduced in 2018, the Africa's Development Dynamics report is designed to deepen dialogue and international collaboration on the pan-African agenda of integration and transformation in line with the vision and aspirations of Agenda 2063. The report provides detailed analysis and recommendations for each of the five African regions.


More information and download the report Africa's Development Dynamics 2019: https://www.oecd.org/Development/africa-s-development-dynamics-2019-c1cd7de0-en.htm

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