African Development Report 2015

The African Development Report 2015 highlights the intermediating role of various forms of inequality that limit the transformation of Africa’s growth into prosperity for all.

According to the African Development Report 2015 (ADR); African economies have grown substantially over the past decade, but  poverty and inequality reduction has remained less responsive to growth successes across the continent. The report titled “Growth-poverty and inequality nexus: overcoming barriers to sustainable development” was released in July 2016.

Unequal access to economic resources and opportunities is mirrored in the continent’s high income inequality, gender gaps in earnings and opportunities, the rural-urban divide, youth under-employment and in the limited priority given to key poverty-reducing sectors like agriculture, agro-industries, and manufacturing. As a result, millions of Africans, especially women and youth, have been left behind.

This 2015 edition of the ADR Report offers analysis, synthesis and recommendations that are relevant to how growth affects poverty and inequality; and how Africa can overcome contemporary and future sustainable development challenges.

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