At an international conference organised by the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) and Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in Berlin/Germany, experts from governments, the UN, civil...more

Development policy


The most sustainable way to achieve the climate targets along with the Sustainable Development Goals might be a policy combination. CO2 pricing policies in combination with lifestyle changes are most effective, according to...more

Plant protection


Fall Armyworm is still spreading, having infected millions of hectares of maize by now and threatening the food security of more than 300 million people. A new mobile App, called Nuru, aims to support farmers in the fight again...more



The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations hosted the first Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on Biodiversity Mainstreaming across Agricultural Sectors. Stakeholders discussed concrete areas of joint action for the...more

Rural development


The number of child labourers in agriculture world-wide has increased by more than ten per cent since 2012, driven in part by violent conflicts and disasters, according to FAO. more



The twelfth edition of the European Development Days aimed to bring together the European Union's commitment to gender equality and women's empowerment with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.more



The seabed contains precious metals. The battle over their extraction has long started. But nobody knows exactly what the consequences of deep sea mining are going to look like for the marine ecosystem. Civil society...more



The programme Afrisoils aims to support African countries in implementing sustainable soil management, leading to agricultural growth, improved food security and better adaptation to climate change.more



Foreign direct investment has fallen by more than 20 per cent compared to last year. For the developing countries, it represents one of the largest sources of income, with much of the money flowing into food industry and the...more

Development policy


In November 2017, at their joint session, the European Union and the African Union decided to set up a Task Force Rural Africa (TFRA). This January, applications were already invited for an eleven-member task force that was...more

Food crisis


FAO, UNICEF and the World Food Programme have issued a joint position paper providing an overview of the food security, malnutrition and livelihood situation in the Sahel region in West Africa. They are calling for early action...more

Organic farming


The Government of Andhra Pradesh has started a project to transit 6 million farms to 100 per cent chemical-free agriculture by 2024. This large-scale Zero Budget Natural Farming could serve as an inspiration for agricultural...more



The world’s protected areas are being rapidly destroyed by humanity, researches warn. Yet such areas are extremely important in halting threats to biodiversity loss.more



The implementing of a ring vaccination is to check the outbreak of Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The outbreak was officially declared on the 8th May 2018. So far, three health zones in the north western...more



African smallholder farmers are getting insurance pay-outs of USD 1.5 million from the R4 Rural Resilience Initiative after low rainfall.more

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