Greater inequality increases deforestation in Latin America, researchers say. Consequently, more equal distribution of income, wealth and land ownership is not only fairer, it also improves environmental protection.more

Climate change


Lakes should not be considered just as carbon sinks because also they emit gaseous carbon when they fall dry. A recently published study reveals that the importance of this phenomenon has so far been underestimated. more



Despite prolific growth in environmental laws and agencies worldwide over the last four decades, environmental law enforcement often fails. more

Agriculture ministers from 74 states met at the GFFA.


In late January, the eleventh Global Forum for Food and Agriculture was held during the International Green Week in Berlin, Germany. This year, the opportunities and risks of digital transformation were on the agenda. more

Development policy


Many developing countries could achieve more progress by making use of their comparative advantages to enter the world market, says former World Bank Chief Economist Justin Yifu Lin. Africa in particular could benefit from such...more

At the Agriculture Ministers’ Conference in mid-January 2019, 74 ministers adopted a communiqué in which they call for establishing an international Digital Council.more

Food security


A radical transformation of the global food system is urgently needed, according to the EAT-Lancet Commission, which has developed global scientific targets for healthy diets and sustainable food production.more

Development policy


Founded in 2018 by the European Union (EU), the Task Force Rural Africa held a workshop at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture in Berlin, Germany, to present their work and focus themes to examine and provide advice on how...more

Climate change


The melting speed of the Antarctic Ice Sheet increased dramatically over the last four decades. East Antarctica is manifestly less stable than presumed, even though the main mass loss is experienced in West Antarcticamore

Land management


Land-use changes across the globe are putting growing pressure on land as a source of livelihood. Researchers are concerned about the loss of agricultural land; they emphasise the importance of biodiversity and call for a more...more

NASA and FAO have presented a new geospatial tool that makes it easier to track land-use and landscape changes. The new tool is free of charge and open to all.more

Rural development


The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) has announced in its strategy for 2017–2021 to “support 30 million smallholder farm households in eleven countries to increase their incomes and improve their food security”....more

Natural resources


Africa has a huge wealth of natural resources. However, exploiting them without giving any consideration to social and environmental concerns is widespread. The Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the German Africa Foundation recently...more

Climate change


At COP24, the 197 parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) gathered to agree on how they will achieve the Paris commitments. They adopted a “rule book” for the Paris Agreement, the ‘Katowice Climate...more



The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) highlighted the significance of peatlands in achieving international climate goals and called for international support to step up peatland restoration.more

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