The livestock is responsible for some 14.5 per cent of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions


A new interactive tool helps livestock farmers to improve productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.more

The role of agriculture in preventing conflict and enabling recovery was highlighted by FAO director at the TICAD conference in Kenya. A new initiative, the Initiative for Food and Nutrition Security in Africa (IFNA), was...more

Consumers will likely have to pay more for the same basket of food because of climate change.
Climate change


A new study by researchers from the PIK highlights the important role of trade as a key measure to partly reduce negative climate-change impacts on agriculture and food security.more



Farmers in Southern Africa must be supported to be able to plant their crops by October. Failure to do so will result in another reduced harvest in March 2017, severely affecting food and nutrition security and livelihoods in the...more



According to this report, fuel for cooking food is not only a critical resource for displaced people but also for the communities that host them. It is also crucial to their food security and nutrition.more

Rural development


A new study shows to where and to what extent palm oil plantations could be expanded, while avoiding further deforestation in pristine and carbon-rich tropical forests.more

Poverty reduction


Sub-Saharan and North African countries have relatively low levels of competition. More competition in African markets can enhance growth and lift at least half a million people out of poverty. more



A detailed snapshot on trees, forests and land use in the world's drylands is provided by a new FAO study.more



A palm oil company in Liberia is attempting to obtain rights to sell timber from forest clearances which it says would provide locals with additional income.more

A poultry farmer feeding chickens, Nigeria. <br/> Photo: ©FAO/Pius Utomi Ekpei


The avian influenza virus H5N1 continues to spread across West and Central Africa and there is major concern that the disease may become endemic in the entire region, according to FAO.more

Women in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is experiencing one of the worst droughts in decades. <br/> Photo: ©FAO/Tamiru Legesse

The UN seeks to boost response to El Niño's dire impact in Africa and Asia/Pacific and urges La Niña preparedness. Over 60 million people are affected by El Niño, and many of them are highly vulnerable to La Niña's likely...more

Food security


In a new World Food Programme innovation centre, digital founders and start-ups are to develop new solutions for combating hunger.more

Climate change


The Caribbean region must prepare for increased drought due to climate change, according to the FAO. Agriculture is the sector most vulnerable to the seasonal nature of drought. more

In addition to classical development activities, relief organisations like Welthungerhilfe have to increasingly engage in emergency relief for refugees. Welthungerhilfe President Bärbel Dieckmann has called on politicians to...more

Food security


A new international framework to empower businesses, governments and other organisations to measure, report on and manage food loss and waste was launched in June 2016. Food loss and waste globally costs up to USD 940 billion...more

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