Solar power generates energy for the village in Leribe District, Lesotho.
Climate change


The global transition to a low carbon economy is clearly underway and gaining speed, according to this year’s Climate Change Performance Index. However, some countries are still performing badly and even going backwards. The...more



A new World Bank study outlines how sub-Saharan Africa’s struggling power utilities can be financially viable and at the same time make electricity access affordable for the poor.more



First salvo against plague affecting sheep and goats will focus on high-risk countries, build on the 2011 eradication of rinderpest.more

Food safety


The GlobalG.A.P. Standard invited to its bi-yearly summit in Amsterdam to celebrate 20 years of GlobalG.A.P. Partnership and 15 years of good agricultural practices certification. more

Food security


Often, weather forecasts do not reach the smallholders, so that they have no chance of responding to the impacts of climate change. However, adaptation to climate change alone is not enough. The participants in this year’s World...more

Girl at work at a Farmer Field Life School in Malawi. African rural youth need support.


A joint project by FAO and Nepad, financed by the Africa Solidarity Trust Fund aims to to promote rural youth employment and entrepreneurship in agriculture and agribusiness in Benin, Came-roon, Malawi and Niger. more

Land management


Around 2 per cent of land suitable for farming is owned by investors, according to a new report by the Land Matrix initiative. Farmland is not only changing hands but increasingly being actively managed and utilised.more

Kiriri women walk through their ancestral land, Bahia, Brazil (2016). In 1995, after years of fighting for their rights, the Kiriri indigenous people took back their ancestral land.
Land governance


Secure land rights in Amazon bring billions in economic and climate benefits, according to the World Resources Institute.more

At an international colloquium on food security and nutrition at the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim, the topic of livestock was also discussed in a special workshop. ©University of Hohenheim


In July 2016, the the High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE) submitted its 10th Report, which focuses on the role livestock plays for sustainable agricultural development for security and nutrition....more

Bärbel Dieckmann and Klaus von Grebmer presenting the 2016 Global Hunger Index in Berlin.
Food security


The 2016 Global Hunger Index report shows a decline in hunger levels across the developing world by 29 per cent since 2000. But if the international community fails to step up efforts to combat hunger, it won't reach the goal of...more

Climate change


Over 55 Parties covering more than 55 per cent of global greenhouse-gas emissions ratified the Paris Climate Change Agreement. more

Food security and nutrition in conflict and crisis regions was the number one topic at the colloquium held in Stuttgart-Hohenheim


What key themes must science and research address in the coming years to ensure that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be reached? This central issue was tackled by an international colloquium held at the end of...more



FAO and Slow Food team up to give mountain products a distinguishable brand. The labelling scheme will help local producers win market recognition by guaranteeing that products are predominantly produced and transformed in...more

Climate change


60 Countries, including China and the USA, accounting for close to 48 per cent of emissions have now joined the Paris Agreement. India announced it will ratify the Paris Agreement in October 2016. more

Estimated global antimicrobial consumption in the livestock sector currently runs to over 60,000 tonnes per year


An FAO Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance aims to help countries equip their agricultural sectors to respond to the growing threat and reduce the spread of antimicrobial resistance on farms and in food.more

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