Food security


Food price risks were discussed at a seminar in Bonn, Germany marking the launch of a book covering research conducted by ZEF and IFPRI on the issue. more

Farmers cleaning a field from unharvested potatoes preparing the soil for the new season.<br/>Photo: ©IFAD/Giulio Napolitano


A new risk-sharing facility by GIIF and Africa Re aims to lower premiums for insured farmers in Africa.more

Rural mechanisation


Mechanisation can prove to be a very difficult venture, especially in the context of smallholders. The German Development Institute, together with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, organised an expert round...more

Food security


Drought is pushing food prices up sharply in East Africa. The soaring cost of basic staples is an extra challenge for pastoralists as livestock prices fall.more



The USA’s new administration under Donald Trump is causing anxiety among environmental researchers, with massive cuts ahead for government-funded programmes. But in many areas, Trump’s onslaught on scientists seems almost like a...more

Roberto Ridolfi, Director for Sustainable Growth and Development of the EU Commission, at the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development Annual Asembly. <br/> Photo: Gudrun Barenbrock
Rural development


This year’s Annual General Assembly (AGA) of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development focused on the transformation of rural development in the light of the Sustainable Development Goals. The organisers of AGA define rural...more



Global Partnerships were addressed by a Global Policy Forum workshop held in Bonn, Germany, early in February. The meeting also addressed the issue of food security.more

Some enterprises in rural areas are too big to access microfinance and too small to receive loans from commercial banks. <br/>Photo: ©IFAD/GMB Akash


There is a huge financing gap in rural areas, according to IFAD. The Smallholder Agriculture Finance and Investment Network (SAFIN) now aims to help bridge that financing gap in order to support smallholder farming and rural...more



Tourism is an important economic sector in many emerging and developing countries. Sustainable tourism can contribute to reducing poverty and protecting the environment. Moreover, it can fos-ter mutual understanding, leading to...more



Free trade and the European Union’s Economic Partnership Agreements were criticised at the 5th Ecumenical Strategy Congress of the Churches in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. The participants addressed the issue of whether...more



Smallholders play a vital role in ensuring food supply world-wide, but need support to cope with growing water shortage problems. What the agriculture and food industry on the one hand and politics on the other can do to support...more



Ever fewer corporations are gaining a constantly increasing share of global food production. This could jeopardise the Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015, non-governmental organisations warn and call for stricter...more

The G20 ministers of agriculture in Berlin

At their meeting in Berlin/Germany in late January 2017, the G20 agriculture ministers agreed on an action plan on the sustainable use of water resources. Germany’s Federal Minister of Agriculture Christian Schmidt stressed how...more



What part can agriculture play world-wide in the sustainable stewardship of water and in maintaining water quality? How can it be ensured that, despite increasing water scarcity, agriculture can provide the global population with...more

NDC Explorer Website
Climate change


A new online tool has been developed for international climate policy. The NDC Explorer can be used to compare efforts to combat climate change across the world. more

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