Devastating drought in Somaliland: People have lost 70 to 80 per cent of their livestock. <br/> Photo: © Getmann/Welthungerhilfe
Food security


Presenting her organisation’s Annual Report, Welthungerhilfe President Bärbel Dieckmann criticised the lack of engagement among politicians across the world in combating hunger. Dieckmann called on the G20-Länder to join forces...more

Plant breeding


Is drought-resilient maize an answer to pressure on African farmers through climate change? The Center for Development Research (ZEF) organised a panel of experts to address this topic in Bonn, Germany.more



A study by WFP shows that high levels of food insecurity lead to higher levels of migration across borders. Nevertheless, many displaced people try to stay as close as possible to their hometowns, hoping to re-migrate some day. more

When global wheat prices, along with those of other staple crops, skyrocketed in 2007/08 and again in 2010/11, this caused poor people in many developing countries to suffer.


Neither speculating on the commodity markets nor using land to produce biofuels have been crucial to annual wheat price developments over the last four decades. Researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research...more

A young smallscale farmer in Kamboi village, Rift valley, Kenya. <br> Photo: ©IFAD/Susan Beccio
Rural development


A large amount of global food supply is produced by small farms. Furthermore, areas with small farms provide a high diversity of food commodities. Researchers found that micronutrient production in these areas is higher than in...more

Farmers watering their plantation in Mubende, Uganda. <br/> Photo:  ©FAO/Isaac Kasamani


New online tool, developed by FAO, uses real-time satellite data to track water productivity in agriculture. It is aimed to offer water-scarce countries and river basins a way to boost productivity.more



If all three planned mergers in the seed market come to fruition, the new major corporations would have a dominant market share, giving them great influence on the structure of the agricultural and food system.more

South Sudan, 2016: As fighting ensued in their villages, people fled into the swamps of Southern Unity to find a safe place to hide. They created little islands by flattening the reeds and adding mud. <br />Photo: ©FAO/Francis Muana
Food security


The number of people in the world facing severe food insecurity has risen dramatically since 2015. The main driving factor of humanitarian crises are civil conflicts, which often causes a rapid deterioration in the livelihoods of...more



An FAO report presents a nation-wide assessment of the impact of war on agriculture in Syria and recommends that Syrian agriculture should be kickstarted now despite huge destruction.more



Agricultural public spending in sub-Saharan Africa lags behind other developing regions. Enhancing public spending in agriculture can provide a foundation to increase agriculture productivity in sub-Saharan Africa.more

At the opening session of the conference on hidden hunger in Stuttgart-Hohenheim. <br/>Photo: Beate Wörner


Participants at the 3rd Hidden Hunger Conference, held in Stuttgart/Germany in March, called on politicians to at last assume responsibility. The event focused on food diversity and an improved nutrition status for the poor...more

Farmers harvesting cabbages, Sierra Leone, 2016. The EU is continuing to rely on private capital and major company groups, although these need to implement projects aimed at small and medium-sized farmers and companies. <br/>Photo: ©Sebastian Liste/NOOR for FAO
Development policy


The European Consensus is an attempt by the EU to put its development policy and that of its member states on a common footing. The strategy paper presented in late 2016 promises binding coherence for Agenda 2030.more

More sustainable use of materials and energy would add an extra USD 2 trillion to the global economy by 2050.<br/> Photo: ©IFAD/Rindra Ramasomanana

If current trends continue, annual resource use per capita will grow by over 70 per cent by mid-century. According to experts from the International Resource Panel 2050, with resource efficiency measures the level of resource use...more

Fall armyworm. <br/>Photo: ©  FAO/ Leonard Makombe


Fall armyworm outbreak is threatening food security in southern Africa that is reeling from the effects of consecutive droughts. This pest is relatively new to the African continent; in the past it occurred mainly in the Americas.more

WFP and FAO distribute seeds, farming tools and food supplies to starving families in Dimbissi, Central African Republic, 2016. <br/>Photo: ©FAO-WFP/Ricci Shryock
Food security


The website will show prices for basic foods in near real-time and use a traffic light system to identify developing supply problems for the individual products. more

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