Eucalyptus. <br/> Photo: Sydney Oats (flickr)


Portugal’s disastrous forest fires were aggravated by eucalyptus trees grown for the paper pulp industry, environmentalists claim. The fires broke out as new legislation on forest management was still in preparation.more

A view from the highest point on Cicia island in Fiji. Fiji is one of the Small Island Developing States. <br/> Photo: © IFAD/Joanne Levitan

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. A new Global Action Programme for SIDS countries aims to improve food-system sustainability and agriculture-sector resilience.more

Less-intensive use of fertilizers during rice cultivation is needed to protect the environment.<br/> Photo: © IFAD / Irshad Khan


A widespread problem of over-fertilization is encountered from China and South Korea through to Vietnam and Taiwan. A TUM research team has now investigated which incentives would be needed in order for farmers to use less...more



Nowadays, there are no end of shops that sell fairly-traded products. However, significantly more producers could benefit from this – above all if there was more support from the major brands.more

Harvesting tilapia fish for sale from a pond on Jafi Enterprises fish farm, western Kenya (April 2017). <br/> Photo: ©FAO/Tony Karumba


Tilapia Lake Virus (TiLV), a highly contagious disease, is spreading among farmed and wild tilapia, one of the world's most important fish for human consumption, warns FAO.more



Over recent years China has made considerable investments in its afforestation programme. A new study that takes stock of the successes achieved differentiates between new tree plantations and “real” forest areas.more

Cocoa beans at organic cocoa collecting station in Monte Forte, São Tomé. Cocoa farmers need a fair certification system to survive in the market. <br/> Photo: ©IFAD/Susan Beccio
Cocoa production


The merger of Rainforest Alliance and UTZ is aimed to simplify the certification process for farmers. Currently, over 180,000 farmers are certified twice, once for each standard.more

By 2050, four-fifths of humankind will be living in cities. The impacts that this urban growth is going to have on food security and nutrition were discussed at a workshop organised jointly by the International Food Policy...more



'Investing in Development' was the motto of the European Development Days 2017. More than 8,000 participants from the international development community shared information and views on challenges and approaches in achieving...more

In January, Germany’s development minister Gerd Müller presented the outline of a ‘Marshall Plan with Africa’ as part of Germany’s G20 presidency in 2017. Development experts and civil society representatives discussed just how...more

Devastation from a flash flood that struck the village of Lemusa, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Climate change is expected to increase the number and intensity of floods in many regions of the world. <br/>: Photo: ©IFAD/Roger Arnold
Climate Change


The USA has announced it is leaving the Paris Agreement on climate change. The Paris Agreement is a major achievement in the fight against climate change, and the USA’s decision is being met with broad incomprehension.more

Rural development


Negotiations at the UN Human Rights Council conclude with deepened understanding of rural peoples’ rights and with the UN Intergovernmental Working Group gearing up for a 5th session. This was reported by the non-governmental...more



The restoration of forest landscapes holds a considerable potential for sustainable development, climate change mitigation and adaptation. However, the involvement of the local population is key in this context, various aspects...more



Since December 2016, Germany has presided over the G20 – the 20 most important industrialised countries and emerging economies. In the course of this meeting, concrete agreements are to be reached on promoting youth employment in...more

78 per cent of soybean planted globally were biotech varieties. <br/> Photo: ©FAO/Pius Ekpei


Over 185 million hectares biotech/GM crops were grown worldwide in 2016, while five countries planted 91 per cent of the global biotech crop area. The most planted biotech crop was soybean, followed by cotton.more

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