A man standing in his field devastated by cyclone Idai.
Food security


The progress made in the global fight against hunger is severely endangered. In countries that are already affected by hunger and poverty climate change is worsening the nutrition situation. This is the conclusion to be drawn...more

Plant protection


Fusarium wilt disease threatens banana production. A new emergency project as well as a new banana variety aim to fight the fungal plant disease.more

Panel members discussing at the Marine Regions Forum.


SDG 14 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development seeks to “conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.” However, experts agree that the upcoming 2020 deadline for meeting...more

A pumping station in Niger.


Irrigation holds a potential to improve nutrition, although factors such as water pollution have to be considered. New insights were presented at ZEF by IFPRI’s Claudia Ringler in early October.more

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the UNCCD closing event.


For ten days, the participants in COP14 of the UNCCD discussed a wide range of topics and finally established them in 36 formal decisions. These included decisions on the role of women and the significance of land rights...more



A new open-access web platform provides an overview on antimicrobial resistance in animals worldwide. Drugs used in animal farming are rapidly losing their efficacy, researchers warn. Antimicrobial resistance is rising in...more

Food security


Dry weather and protracted conflicts are causing food insecurity, FAO says, stating that more than forty countries are in need of external assistance for food, most of them in Africa. more



Forest loss spikes despite the pledge to halve deforestation by 2020, an assessment of progress on protecting and restoring global forests shows. Deforestation has accelerated since the endorsement of the New York Declaration on...more



A new relationship between people and nature is needed, as climate change and biodiversity loss threaten progress in development, scientists say. They call for urgent, targeted action to avoid reversing the development gains of...more



The global waste-dumping-prohibition Basel Ban Amendment finally achieves the necessary ratification of 3/4 of the parties to become a new Article in the Convention and to enter into force of international law.more

Plant protection


A new Artificial Intelligence tool offers an opportunity for banana farmers to improve crop surveillance, fast-track control and mitigation efforts, and help them prevent production losses.more



Africa plays a minimal role in German foreign trade. In 2018, trade with Africa totalled around EUR 45 billion. At the end of August, the think tank “Global Perspectives Initiative”, founded in Berlin in 2016 to support the UN...more



Threatened species between conservation and income generation for local communities were in focus at the World Wildlife Conference (CITES) in Geneva, Switzerland. During a two-week meeting, delegates from 169 nations discussed...more



Humanity can only tackle today’s major challenges if access to water is distributed more fairly. Speakers at the World Water Week called for a drastic shift in how water is shared and managed.more

There is a lack of understanding about what aid actually entails, researchers criticise after analysing development aid given by OECD donors. They found that a quarter of the aid money never leaves donor countries; in-donor...more

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