Also, their ideas fed into the “Berlin Charter”. With this “Call for Action”, which was officially accepted by Minister Müller at the conference, the political decision-makers at the G20 and world-wide are requested to take concrete action to address rural development and create more employment for young people. In the “Berlin Charter”, experts from science, civil society, the private sector and development co-operation have drawn up a guiding concept for modern, innovation-friendly rural development which includes the numerous topics in which improvements are needed if living in rural areas is to be attractive to young people. These topics also formed the focal fields of the individual specialist forums at the conference: entrepreneurship, jobs and skills; innovation and digital opportunities; food security and social protection; sustainable landscapes and climate resilience; infrastructure and rural-urban linkages; good governance; finance and funding.

A practical example: green innovation centres

The second day of the conference featured practical examples – concrete implementation initiatives who are supporting progress in rural areas and in creating jobs there, especially for young people.