Media Pachkoria runs her own greenhouse but from time to time she comes to visit her teachers at the vocational college in Senaki for advice.
Photo: © SDC


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Agriculture is Georgia's most important sector. However, farming remains uncompetitive as farmers' skills are out of step with the job market and technological developments. Switzerland supports vocational education and training to improve productivity, farm income and the employment situation for students of agriculture.

Agriculture is the most important economic sector for rural communities in Georgia. 90 per cent of working people in rural areas are employed in agriculture. In the country as a whole, 40 per cent of the workforce makes a living from farming. However, agriculture only accounts for 8 per cent of Georgia's GDP due to a lack of competitiveness in the market.

Vocational training in agriculture is patchy and unavailable to farmers in remote areas. These factors hamper the transition to a market economy which the government has sought to bring about since Georgia gained its independence.

The Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) is funding a project, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to improve living standards and boost farmers' incomes in Georgia. The project seeks to increase productivity, incomes, and jobs in the agricultural sector by helping farmers and students at agricultural colleges improve their knowledge and skills.

Swiss added value

Switzerland brings to the project its experience and expertise in dual and continuing education and training (lifelong learning) in agricultural skills.

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