In many African countries, mobile phones offer the farmers to be connected with agricultural information networks.
Photo: © giz/Jörg Böthling

Study on ICT4AG: Applications in rural development and agriculture

The study “Use of ICT for Agriculture in GIZ projects – Status quo, opportunities and challenges” is now available for download. The document serves as an introduction and a practical guideline for projects and planning officers alike.

A new study, “Use of ICT for Agriculture in GIZ projects – Status quo, opportunities and challenges”, has been published by the Sector Network Rural Development Africa (SNRD) of GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit  mbH) in collaboration with the sector programme “Rural Development” in Bonn, Germany.

The study is based on an analysis of completed, current and planned GIZ projects with ICT4Ag components. The authors intend to examine how information and communications technologies like radio, short message services and applications can support agricultural development.

Target: Overview and improved implementation of ICT in agriculture

The document supports a joint learning process through information and knowledge exchange aiming at promoting ICT as a means to contribute to sustainable and inclusive rural transformation.

Taking up the momentum of spreading ICTs in developing countries, the study presents sustainable target group-oriented approaches to further stimulate a broader integration of ICT in projects.

Practical knowledge from 39 projects

The study features 39 examples of ICT interventions in GIZ projects related to agriculture or rural development. The ICT solutions described are categorised per specific areas of intervention (e.g. extension, value chain development, environment, finance, etc.).

The document elaborates on practical know-how of ICT use in agricultural and rural development. It offers recommendations for the planning and implementation of integrated ICT applications. In addition, it provides a comprehensive overview on ICT4Ag stakeholders in the field of international development co-operation.




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