At the RIPOMA workshop for the village of Dihombo’s rice producer group.
Photo: Helvetas


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The Rice Postharvest Management & Marketing project (RIPOMA) is a HELVETAS initiative in Tanzania aimed at increasing income of rural households and economically empowering women and young farmers. 

Rice is one of the most essential food and cash crop in Tanzania. It is cultivated mostly by smallholder farmers for household use and as a cash crop for sale at local and regional markets. Post-harvest losses claim more than 30 per cent of grains each harvesting season. This can cost a smallholder family up to 40 per cent of income from rice.

Helvetas Tanzania’s work in women economic empowerment focuses on agricultural markets. It has identified women’s participation in agricultural markets as a main driver to achieve women market inclusion and market system change in general. The Rice Postharvest Management and Marketing (RIPOMA) project is an initiative of Helvetas Tanzania and is funded by EuropeAid. It aims to increase income and reduce poverty among smallholder households in the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania through empowering young and women smallholder rice farmers in innovative rice postharvest techniques and Marketing.

RIPOMA is designed to reach 3,000 smallholder farming households and over 130 specific value chain actors, and it promotes an inclusive market system development approach, women and youth economic empowerment and good agricultural practices.

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