Sustainable development for people and the environment – for example on a farm in in Nepal.
Photo: © Helvetas


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Organic farming provides important impulses to make our food system more sustainable. This is demonstrated by eleven international experts – including lead authors Frank Eyhorn of Helvetas and Adrian Müller of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL. They demand that governments only support those agricultural systems that are beneficial to people and the environment alike.

The internationally renowned specialist journal Nature Sustainability published an article in April 2019 on new insights on the role of organic farming. Eleven international experts, including Frank Eyhorn of the Swiss development cooperation organisation Helvetas and Adrian Muller from the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL, demonstrate that organic farming is no longer an irrelevant niche but plays an important role in making our food system fit for the future.

Climate change, biodiversity loss and rural poverty are arguably great challenges on a global scale nowadays. Experts agree that the way that we produce and consume food urgently has to change if we are to master these challenges.

However, getting there is a hotly disputed issue. Do we have to make conventional agriculture more sustainable in a step-by-step process, or should we promote alternative systems such as organic farming? The eleven experts maintain that both approaches can go hand in hand and support and inspire each other.

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