The Green Climate Fund for example supports the afforestation efforts of Nicaraguan communities via compensation for yield loss.
Photo: Shutterstock/Svetlana Bykova


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At the 24th World Climate Conference in Katowice/Poland, Germany’s Federal Government announced a doubling of its pledge to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), which now amounts to three billion euros. With its contribution, the Federal Government is supporting the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement and a global joint effort to combat climate change.

Germany’s Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze and Federal Development Minister Gerd Müller announced that they were doubling the country’s pledge of 1.5 euros for the Green Climate Fund (GCF). Müller emphasised that combating climate change represented a question of survival for humanity, and that this year’s climate conference had to bring about a change in trend. “We have to implement the provisions of the Paris Agreement in a consistent and binding manner, and beyond this, we must invest in international climate protection,” he stated. “For the poorest countries are affected most by the impacts of climate change.”

The GCF has a total of 7.3 billion US dollars. The Fund has already supported 93 projects. Numerous further project proposals have been submitted, although owing to a scarcity of finance, it will no longer be possible to approve support for new projects as of mid-2019. This is why a refill of the Fund’s dwindling coffers was recently resolved.

As the German Federal Government announced in Katowice, Germany is the first country to have stated a concrete sum for the refurbishment of the Fund.

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