DLG International and VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, have announced a joint-venture agreement to launch a new exhibition, AGRITECHNICA ASIA.
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DLG and Exhibitions Asia Pacific to launch Asian Agritechnica

Two leading exhibition organisers in livestock and agricultural machinery, DLG International and VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, have announced a joint-venture agreement to launch a new exhibition, AGRITECHNICA ASIA, to take place in Bangkok, Thailand, from the 15th to the 17th March 2017.

Under the terms of a joint venture, DLG – German Agricultural Society, who stage AGRITECHNICA in Hanover, Germany, and Dutch-Thai exhibition organisers VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, who run VIV Asia in Bangkok, will collaborate to establish a new agricultural exhibition for Asian agricultural machinery, DLG International announced in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, on the 22nd April.

The first edition of AGRITECHNICA ASIA will be held from the 15th to the 17th March 2017 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre in the Thai capital, in conjunction with VIV Asia, the largest livestock exhibition in Asia. According to DLG, the co-location is to accelerate the inaugural edition of AGRITECHNICA ASIA, leveraging synergies between animal and crop production. While the focus of Agritechnica in Europe is on innovations for the cultivation of cereals and maize, AGRITECHNICA ASIA will expand the exhibition programme to local solutions for the cultivation of rice, cassava and sugar cane.

According to DLG, the mechanisation of Asian farms covers a wide range of capabilities. At AGRITECHNICA ASIA, the emphasis will be on agricultural engineering solutions that are both relevant and important to the development of agriculture in the Asian markets. Mechanisation through modern machinery is set to increase significantly in the next decade, stimulated mainly by growing labour shortages, more competition and therefore the requirement to reduce production costs.

“In addition to the strong growth that individual Southeast-Asian countries are currently experiencing, this developing region as a whole will be further boosted by the ASEAN grouping by more regional integration in economic co-operation, food trade development and agri-innovations for sustainable food production,” said Achim Schaffner, DLG´s Head of Agricultural Economics. Thailand is considered to be a hub for the machinery trade in the region, which is underlined by the choice of Bangkok as the venue for AGRITECHNICA ASIA. Schaffner also noted that Agriculture plays a very important role in the Asian economy. The world’s top brand agricultural companies stand out in the region. “Now AGRITECHNICA is coming to Asia! I believe it will definitely bring a new platform and opportunities to the development of agriculture in Asia,” Schaffner emphasised.

Professional programme to transfer know-how on new technologies

Particular emphasis will be placed on the development of a relevant professional programme accompanying the exhibition. With the support of industry experts, its aim is to enable the transfer of know-how through innovative technology for agricultural farms in the region, as well as to strengthen the agricultural network for agricultural machinery manufacturers in Asia.  “We will bring together the top decision-makers from ASEAN, China, India, Japan, Korea, and the Middle East,” said Bernd
Koch, Managing Director of DLG International GmbH.

“Working with DLG is a strategic joint-venture that will deliver an important business platform for the Asian market. We are going to incorporate the entire industry from the very beginning to tailor a marketplace that serves the needs of the agricultural sector,” said Nino Gruettke, Managing Director of VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific.

For more information about AGRITECHNICA ASIA, please contact:

Marie Servais, Project Manager at DLG-International

Akachai Ponsomboon, Project Manager at VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific




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