The alliance is campaigning for an agricultural turnaround in Senegal.
Photo: © WFD/Enda Pronat

Broad alliance strengthening agricultural turnaround in Senegal

The Senegalese non-governmental organisation Enda Pronat has initiated a multi-stakeholder partnership which is to promote an agroecological turnaround in Senegal. The NGO is supported by the German World Peace Service, a Forum on Environment and Development partner.

United, we are strong – this is something the Senegalese organisation Enda Pronat is also aware of. Multi-stakeholder partnerships are regarded as very effective instruments to drive political endeavours bottom-up. The alliance’s strength is its having brought together many different stakeholders under one umbrella. The membership of the alliance DyTAES, which stands for “Dynamique pour une Transition Agroécologique au Sénégal”, comprises civil society organisations, producer and consumer associations, a network of 30 green communities and towns, local politicians, scientists and even private enterprises. Enda Pronat is founding member and driver, and it heads the Secretariat.

The climate crisis, water scarcity, depleted soils, land grabbing, rising food prices – most of Senegal’s family farms have no reserves to cushion failed harvests. Enda Pronat is convinced that a transformation of agriculture, an agroecological turnaround, is necessary to maintain sustainable food supplies.

In order to promote an agroecological turnaround in Senegal, DyTAES maintains a dialogue with responsible parties at all levels. At the centre are always the concerns and realities of life among the family farms. The alliance organises public events and consulting throughout Senegal. The aim is to meet communities at local level and discuss the challenges of sustainable agriculture which is kind to natural resources with them. 

“The Great Caravan” – spreading information in Senegal’s rural heart

One outstanding activity in 2022 was the “Great Caravan”, a series of events run by the alliance which lasted five weeks and passed through the heart of rural Senegal in 14 stages. DyTAES representatives visited other activists at local level and discussed the campaigns and strategies with them.

In an elaborately organised conference, the results are to be presented to representatives from politics, research, civil society and the private sector and discussed with them. The conference takes place during the agroecology days in Senegal’s capital of Dakar, which are being held for the fourth time, between the 6th and the 16th February 2023. One aim here is to rouse the public’s attention regarding the need for an agroecological turnaround and gain further allies. For by joining forces, the agricultural turnaround can succeed in Senegal.


Author: Sabine Balk for the German World Peace Service, reg. Ass., Am Borsigturm 9, D-13507 Berlin/Germany


More information:

Dynamique pour une Transition Agroécologique au Sénégal

Enda Pronat

World Peace Service


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