“We are encouraging the business partners, that is manufacturers and traders, to change their range of fish articles in order to have more and more sustainable products on sale in the future,” Kirse explained. By opting for products with the MSC seal, consumers could then contribute directly to marine conservation. So far, around 380 fisheries world-wide had been MSC-certified.

One of these traders which Kirse is encouraging is “Metro AG”. Its Corporate Responsibility Director Andrea Weber told the meeting in Berlin that Metro were Europe’s largest fresh fish marketers, selling 200,000 tonnes to around 21 million customers at their more than 700 stores in 36 countries each year. And since Metro were the interface with the consumer, Weber also acknowledged the company’s own responsibility. “We have to think about which fish we will be able to and wish to sell tomorrow,” she noted. “This can only be accomplished with sustainable management.” However, it was also obvious that Metro were not operating entirely altruistically.