He held that the priority had to be to eliminate hunger while maintaining marine biodiversity – a major challenge the mastering of which was not only up to the fishers in Africa.

Managing European waters in a healthier manner and restoring them would reduce fishing pressure exerted by the European fleet outside Europe. This could lower competition between industrial and small-scale fisheries outside Europe, Marí added. And if the fish was not accessible for small-scale fisheries because the stocks were 2.5 nautical miles and more away from the coast, there should be onshore employment in processing.

Scrapping subsidies

The BMZ also attaches considerable importance to fisheries. Although just 60 million euros out of the total of around ten billion euros that the BMZ budget adds up to flows into the area of fisheries, with its ten-item plan of 2016, the BMZ has committed itself to increasing Germany’s development cooperation effort in the areas of management of coastal economic zones and marine conservation.