The initiative “Digital Intelligence for All – FAIR Forward” is aimed at supporting local, value-based AI development and better data security, above all with partners from Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa and India. With the Internet company “Mozilla”, language recognition systems are being developed for local African languages such as language assistants that understand languages like Kinyarwanda.

In the context of the “Strategic Partnership Digital Africa”, companies are linked up with one another in networks in order to develop new business ideas, such as mobile tax record keeping in Zambia, an E-commerce platform in Rwanda or the digitisation of value chains in agriculture in Uganda.

The BMZ is also cooperating with the re:publica organisers, and a year ago, it brought the conference to Africa for the first time. At the re:publica in Accra (Ghana), pioneers, visionaries and nerds from Africa developed digital solutions for new employment in nearly 100 sessions.