Agritechnica presentend innovations, which enable processes to be part-automated that will give farmers the new opportunities they need to enhance efficiency and conserve resources.

Agritechnica presentend innovations, which enable processes to be part-automated that will give farmers the new opportunities they need to enhance efficiency and conserve resources.
Photo: © Franz: R Silvia/DLG

Agritechnica 2015 – the driving force for technological innovation

The international trade fair for agricultural machinery once again proved to be the showcase of innovative agricultural technology worldwide.

Once again, Agritechnica 2015 has impressively cemented its lead position as the benchmark international trade fair for agricultural machinery and farming. With some 2,907 exhibitors, around 450,000 visitors, including more than 100,000 from overseas, Agritechnica has matched its 2013 figures,” said Dr. Reinhard Grandke, CEO of the event organiser DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft / German Agricultural Society), at the close of the Hanover-based international exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment on the 14th November 2015.

According to DLG, Agritechnica has again proved to be a driving force for innovation and a source of inspiration for agriculture around the globe. Here, manufacturers of agricultural machinery present their latest innovations for modern-day agricultural practitioners world-wide.

 “Agriculture 4.0”, which stands for sensor-based information collection systems along with satellite-guided and high-precision farming that makes use of electronic steering technologies, was at the focus of attention. Together, these innovations, which enable processes to be part-automated, give farmers the new opportunities they need to enhance efficiency and conserve resources, DLG explained at the close of the exhibition.

With its unique array of information, Agritechnica is the ideal platform for farmers, contractors and traders in today's difficult market environment. Here, they can compare developments, discuss issues and make sure their enterprise is on track for the future.

DLG also notes that Agritechnica serves as a major international investment platform for decision-makers and investors from large-scale farming enterprises in Central and Eastern Europe. The large majority of the approximately 15,000 attendees this year came from Poland (2,700), the Czech Republic (1,700), Romania (1,500), Lithuania (1,400), Hungary (1,400) and Russia (1,200).

The significant number of visitors from overseas is an impressive endorsement of Agritechnica's reputation as the world's leading exhibition in this field, say the organisers of Agritechnica and add that some 7,200 visitors came from North, Central and South America as well as 1,000 from Oceania. China and India both had 700 visitors in attendance, while there were some 1,200 visitors from African countries.

In his opening speech on the first day of Agrictechnica, DLG’s president Carl-Albrecht Bartmer focused on the great challenge farmers around the world are faced with: managing one of the most complex production processes imaginable. They need to understand the biological concept of plants, including all their requirements and their behaviour, while taking into account the soil as a natural substrate for plant growth with its small-scale diversity and varying physical conditions, said Bartmer.

Farmers have no roof to cover their valuable crops. Everything is subject to changes in temperature, radiation, precipitation or humidity. Despite all uncertainties, farmers make decisions relying on their ability to anticipate growth conditions for tomorrow and beyond.

According to Bartmer, “Agriculture 4.0” might one day offer accurate management advice provided by intelligent algorithms, with all decisions made from the farm office.

“And where are we today?” asked the DLG president and referred to what Agritechnica 2015 was presenting regarding Agriculture 4.0: sensor-based data collection, satellite machine guidance, previously unattainable levels of precision provided by electronic control systems from tramlining to seed placement, complex algorithms for decision guidance, intelligent combinations of hardware and information technology, and farm management systems enabling easy access to farm data used for a host of different applications. 

The next Agritechnica takes place from the 12th – 18th November 2017.


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