Pio Wennubst, Vice-Director, Swiss Development Cooperation Agency (SDC)
Photo: © Global Donor Platform for Rural Development


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Discussions at the General Assembly 2016 of the Donor Platform for Rural Development focused on the need to identify a common purpose for a coherent agenda on rural transformation that will support economic growth and job creation, while promoting agricultural trade.

The critical role that the private sector can play in conjunction with public investments and enabling policies in contributing to poverty reduction was the focal point of discussion during the recently concluded Annual General Assembly (AGA) of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development in Geneva, Switzerland, in January 2016.

The Annual General Assembly 2016 was hosted by Swiss Development Cooperation Agency (SDC), one of the board members of the Platform. Each year, the 38 members of the Platform, under the leadership of the hosting country, decide what will be the most relevant topic in their development policy portfolio for the next year. Based on this decision, the 2016 Annual General Assembly focused on the topic of policy coherence between agricultural trade policies and rural development.

Under the flag theme "Agricultural Trade and Rural Development: duet or solo playing?”, major streams of current work on inclusive agribusiness were presented, exploring how they could be scaled up and providing ideas for future activities by the Donor Platform to strengthen inclusive agribusiness.

In his welcome address, Pio Wennubst, Vice-Director, SDC, noted that the 2008 food crisis demonstrated the failure of the contemporary business model for staple food systems.

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